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N in azaleas

Another long meme thingy

by way of ciaracat

If you wanna play, too: Keep the things you have in common with me. Cut the rest. Add 5-10 of your own.

I like Chinese food
I love Mexican food.
Chocolate chip cookies mmmm.
I am NOT rich.
I am NOT stupid.
I love music.
I love animals.
I wish my house were cleaner.
I'm a chocoholic.
I want to lose weight/ be in better health (I'm getting to that point in life where it's less about weight/size/numbers and more about feeling fit, eh?).
I am addicted to the Internet.
I love Italian food.
I love yoga
I practice doing random acts of kindness
When you know me, you realize I do wear my heart on my sleeve
I eat myself retarded when I am hurting
I like to people watch
I love unraveling the complex
I enjoy Philosophy
I've been overseas
I wish I lived someplace else
I love cats
I love dogs
I can't balance my finances to save my life
I can't wait for the next new Hugh Jackman film
I love Monty Python type humor
I like contributing to someone else's happiness
I love musicals
I have impulse control
I don't care for planning
I love the ocean
I love the mountains
I love Duran Duran
I like watching dance or participating in dance


I love the way you re-phrased a few of those so that you're not insulting yourself. :) (No, seriously!)

Hope your day is going a little better! :)
Why, thank you! It's a gift. I'm learning it from my friends. One of them wants to marry me, even.

That, and it's summer. A time of happiness, especially here in the North, where it's only 70-mumble degrees outside because of the slight rain. But it's still light! Yay!

When I get to escape, you'll be getting a call! :-)
'Wants to marry'

Hmmmmm . . . not strong enough . . . "Longs to marry', is better and 'Has a burning desire and a deep heartfelt wish to marry' is even better.

N in azaleas

September 2009

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