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N in azaleas

Ratings for today

I am grading a variety of things I have been observing today.

Continental = B. B- if you're in steerage. Same old airline. I've lost my status, so I have to ride in the smaller seats behind the wing. Today's neighbor hadn't bathed, but he had a good excuse: he'd been flying for several hours from Papua, New Guinea, where he'd been visiting his brother-in-law, the missionary. I was glad I hadn't said anything out loud when he took off his shoes, socks, and outer shirt.

Hertz = B+. Even though most of their fleet is Found On the Road Dead brand, I was given a Chevy. Chevy cars do not feel as though you are driving a cranky tank that is about to give out. Bonus: the nice Hertz employee who gave me a ride to my car in the rain, so I wouldn't have to get wet. He even loaded my luggage into the trunk. As soon as they send the counter staff to charm school, Hertz'll get an A.

Driving in Detroit = I. I'm not actually qualified to judge this, but I think these drivers are pretty polite, even given the exasperation of dealing with an out of towner who has to check the map frequently.

John Travolta on the Actor's Studio = B. He seems like a nice enough person, but he wasn't as magic as some that I have seen, which surprised me. His dancing is still fun to watch, though. I think the trick is that he has the self confidence to carry it off. It's not arrogance; it's not an inability to laugh at himself, but he's not laughing at himself when he dances.

The art between terminals at the Detroit airport = C. I've seen similar at O'Hare and Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

The Ritz in Atlanta = C. Mildew in the carpet. Need I say more?

Enough procrastination for now. Back to the grindstone.


Did you edit?

*Hugs* Just wondereing as I thought I'd replied earlier. Might have been dreaming tho.

Re: Did you edit?

Yes; I'll send you an email as to why.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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