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N in azaleas

Yes, I'd like to Never be Lost, Unfortunately..

..the "NeverLost" system is not the answer. I ended up beginning to plan to look up an Internet cafe, so I could stop somewhere to use MapQuest to determine where I was going.

Let me back up..I'm in Detroit today. Or Farmington Hills. Or Livonia. All is Not Clear. At any rate, I finally locate my luggage, the UP elevator (across the long baggage claim from the DOWN elevator), the car rental buggy, the car rental counter. At same, I am trying to ask directions and the sales droid hits me up in a moment of weakness. Which is why I am driving a mint-green Ford-constructed Jaguar with the "Never Lost" system.

I don't think I've ever been quite so late to a client site in my life.

I'm off to try to find the hotel now. I'm armed with MapQuest directions. Maybe the comparison will be tomorrow..


I have friends up there that I would love to see. I wish I were there.

Hope you have better luck tomorrow with the navigation.
It's not a bad place to be, especially in the summer. It's quite pretty. Daylilies are blooming. I'll be here again next week, so if you'd like to crash in a hotel room, be my guest. I'd even let you use the rental car, but you'd have to drive me to and from work..


N in azaleas

September 2009

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