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N in azaleas


Well, the family continues to come up to visit the little people. My aunt, uncle, and college-bound cousin came up this weekend to meet the guys. They appeared to be entertained by the experience of seeing the little guys, who slept through the occasion. Afterwards, the family fed us lunch, gave us lovely baby presents, fed us dinner, and took us to see Night at the Museum II: Battle for the Smithsonian. I enjoyed the Octopus.

Brandon and I are taking turns singing Jonathan Coultan songs, mostly "Code Monkey" and "My Monkey" to one another this weekend.  Everyone should have something to sing, especially if it mentions the requirements of downtime.

We discovered the independently owned Legacy Books in Plano this afternoon. Monopolizing a bean bag and a comfy chair in the deserted children's section, we took turns reading or showing one another Llama Llama Mad at Mama and other treasures.

Tonight, it's a quiet night, houseguesting at another generous friend's home. This visiting the children in another city (my insurance will not pay to transfer them to my city) has certainly givien me the opportunity to experience great kindnesses. Brandon alternates between the iPod touch and his Kindle (currently featuring The Lightening Thief, I believe). I'm trying to struggle through Fer-de-Lance and thinking if it had been the first Nero Wolfe mystery I had ever read, I would never have read any of Rex Stout's other books. I'm also sporadically reading Bob Asprin's last book, which I'm guessing he wrote from an Irish Pub in the Quarter in New Orleans.

We're doing laundry again, and I'm ignoring the voice in my head that says I need to be doing dishes. I have taken a break from my coloring project. (I've spent the evening coloring some truly vivid orange and scarlet goldfish who appear to be swimming through grass). I do still need to pick up my crayons. B and I are currently taking a break from the leisure reading to surf the Internet. Soon, we realize, we will have so very little time to goof off like this.

We've had to miss a few children's birthday parties this weekend. We're thinking of our friends and missing them.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend, too!


(my insurance will not pay to transfer them to my city

THAT'S why they're still in Dallas???

That. Sucks.

I hope you, Brandon, and the babies are otherwise okay. And I hope someday everything you're going through now puts having triple doses of simultaneous adolescence into perspective. :)
*hugs* I'm glad you have people to support you. I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts!
We miss you too!
N in azaleas

September 2009

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