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N in azaleas

Movie Pleasures?

What do you like in movies? If you hate happy endings, why? If you despise tragedies, what sets you to frothing?


I like movies that make me think. They can be funny or dramatic or happy or sad. But if they make me think or go "Oooo, I hadn't thought of that," I tend to like them.

There's a place for mindless fun (like the icon) too, of course. But as a rule, even the fun movies have to make me think a little (and the dialogue in icon movie is pretty witty at times).
Have you seen The Americanization of Emily? You need to check it out!
It mostly depends on my mood. Movies are like books in that fashion. Sometimes I want something that's just going to let my mind go on vacation. That's when I tend to watch romantic comedies or old favorites.

Sometimes I want a movie that challenges my brain. Then I go for drama, mystery, or a new movie that I don't know the ending for.

Other times I'm just seeing a movie to enjoy the companionship of people I like and pretty much any movie is enjoyable.

I'm disturbingly easy to please when it comes to movies.
Action, thrills, laughs, a plot that keeps me guessing, and a satisfying conclusion (which is not necessarily the same thing as a happy ending).
N in azaleas

September 2009

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