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N in azaleas

Now what?

Looks like my beliefs align most closely to the Green Party's. Does voting green throw away my vote?


It entirely depends on what you want to accomplish with your vote. If your goal is to get a particular candidate elected, you could go on the theory that your state leans so strongly one way that your vote isn't going to change the electoral outcome.

For me personally, after the squeaker elections we've had the past two presidential elections, I want there to be NO QUESTION who won, and I'm hoping for a popular vote that strongly confirms the electoral college outcome. So even though I know which way my state is going, and that I could vote for a third party to make a point, there is no way I would do that this year.
Depends on the race. For president, the selection in Texas is probably still a foregone conclusion. However, there are many local races where the Democrat has a fighting chance.
Voting Green sends a message. In a close race between a Republican and a Democrat, I think the message it sends is that you don't see enough of a difference between the Republican and Democratic candidates to choose the lesser evil. In a not close race the message I think it sends is that you prefer the Greens to the other parties.
Remember that the green party vote cost the Democrats the election not long ago.

So vote green if you'd be OK if either McCain or Obama wins.

If you would rather not have one of those major-party candidates win, then voting green could lead to an ill outcome.

But you know all this, don't you?
The only vote ever "thrown away" is the one that isn't cast. I'm a strong believer in voting for the platform/nominee who most closely matches your preferences. I think the *point* of voting is to register your beliefs in the public square.

I assume you're asking about writing in a presidential vote? (I don't recall seeing any Green party candidates on the ballot but I could be spacing it.) I don't think there's much doubt that McCain will carry this state -- *sigh*. I personally would advocate voting however makes you happiest.
In a close race between a Democrat and a Republican, one of those two candidates will win. If it matters to you which one does, then you should vote for that candidate. If it doesn't matter, or if the race is not close, then vote Green.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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