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N in azaleas

But where am I going to peer at fireworks?

I like fireworks. I have even been desperate enough to see fireworks that I have sat in the breezeless blanket of humidity that is my hometown's summer weather in the midst of a crowd of strangers in Herman Park.

I do not prefer this approach. I wonder if there are fireworks to be viewed in Kemah or Galveston or something. Someplace where one might catch a breeze off the Gulf.

What are your holiday plans?


One year in Houston I watched the fireworks from a high-floor office in downtown. You should see if you have any friends with downtown offices who are planning outings. As much as I love the outdoors, watching the pretty fireworks without the heat, humidity, and bugs was awesome.

Friday I'm headed up to Lake Sebago in Harriman State Park for a day of kayaking. Saturday I'm going to Jersey City for a barbecue at my friend's house. (You remember Duke? He's married now, and his wife is FABULOUS.) Sunday I'm going for a bike ride, for a walk in the park with my friend and her dogs (2 dogs, 210 pounds total), and for either brunch or dinner with the same friend.

Yay, holiday weekend!
There's a place called (IIRC) Louie's on the Lake down in Clear Lake. It's probably too late to get reservations there for this year, but do it next year. It's very nice and has a great view of the fireworks.
See my comment above for a solution to that problem.
Last year there were fireworks in Galveston. I saw them in Cold Lake - I think it was Seabrook specifically, on the water. Very pretty.
No, no, wait - it was Kemah! That's where we saw the fireworks.
As you know I'll be doing the family thing in Ohio...

One time we went to Rice Stadium to watch some downtown firework show. Dunno if it was the 4th or one of those big Reliant energy extravaganzas they used to have... was nice because we sat high enough to get away from mosquitos.

Are there Galleria area fireworks? Wonder if they can be seen from Kyle's building?
Ohio? What _part_ of Ohio? We just had friends from Austin come through Indianapolis on their way to visit family in Ohio because the best flight they could get came through Indy.
Family reunion in Cincinnati ... we have a direct flight, which we considered worth a substantial increase in price.
I have no Holiday Plans.

I have a three day weekend coming up. Spouse will be out of town. I have no commitments as far as I know, and little in the way of chores beyond doing some laundry.

I see this as detox/destress time and am looking forward to having as little to do as possible and seeing what I _want_ to do. I suspect there will be a fair bit of sleeping, computer games, and TV. Ok. A hell of a lot of the later two. Eventually, though, I'll start having energy for achieving things and that's when the weekend will get fun.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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