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N in azaleas


So, I have to say I'm happy we've been getting water lately, even if it does knock out my power (and therefore my AC) every time it rains. My basil is really happy. I'm hoping the azaleas become a little happier, too.

My friend Bob and I rediscovered a neighborhood pool on Saturday. Free swimming! My cup runneth over. I have good memories of this pool, actually. I used to teach Learn to Swim classes there. My co-teacher taught me one of my favorite techniques: "Everyone, what does a starfish look like? Can you be a starfish? Let's float like a starfish!" Little kids respond much better to being a starfish than a dead man...

I go to the endocrinologist this afternoon and am nervous. Here's hoping she can help me out!


I saw Bob's post about the pool on her blog. I am SO jealous. The one thing I can't seem to find in this huge city is a cheap, convenient place to occasionally swim. (Besides the beach at Coney Island, which is so crowded I just can't bring myself to do it.) I'm also jealous of you guys getting to hang out and swim together. If I ever manage to come up with the money to visit Houston again, I'll totally have to go with you. :)

ETA: Oh, and good luck at the endocrinologist!!!

Edited at 2008-06-30 03:46 pm (UTC)
We totally miss you, and I'm all over having a gourmet cook in the 'hood.
What are you seeing an endocrinologist for? I had good experiences with mine in Houston (the one that took out my eNORmous thyroid).
My amazing blood sugar, which is responding to Glucophage/Metformin by going UP. Ok, so maybe not. It's just not going down.
N in azaleas

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