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N in azaleas

My job hunting skills

..are very rusty.

I've been working as a consultant for over ten years. In that time, I have developed easily quantifiable skills, such as project management, training design and delivery, and communications skillsets. I have also developed skillsets less easy to describe, such as how to structure the discussion of a business challenge and to whom to pitch that discussion to get a decision made and an action approved. I have learned how to manage with diverse user groups and stakeholders.

What I have not learned how to do is how to write a resume to say what I do, how to land an interview, and how to get a job.

There are a few jobs being posted right now that I am interested in pursuing. I feel as I did every time I was single -- I don't even know how to move the conversation around to "hey, wanna go to a movie?" let alone "Will you marry me?"

Any advice?


I'm having a very similar problem, partly because my resume shows so many varied things, and not one clear path to an easily defined career. So I've relied on a well-written cover letter to get my foot in the door. I noticed that I got my first offer for an interview in weeks when I rewrote my cover letter to say, "I realize that my resume is not the standard administrative assistant resume," and then went on to explain why the collection of experiences and skills I have is a GOOD thing. It seems to be working. :)

Good luck!
Well, I agreed to marry you years ago...still waiting to hold you to that bargain.

I thought Jeff J had some very good points. Have you gone over your job-search materials with him?
Wish I had advice to give, but my background is just like yours... really diverse and hard to categorize. I can't talk about EVERY freelance job, fercrissakes.

I have found that direct seems to work. I got my current cha-ching client by boldly saying, "I hear you need someone to do this thing. I can do it. Here's why."

I also think the networking thing is really the way to go. If you know someone who knows someone, it's a lot easier than throwing a resume at something.

Jeff, also, is a god. Talk to him.


Good page..

omg.. good work, guy
You totally should.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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