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N in azaleas

I found my mountains online

Yeah, so I'm thinking about a vacation, which makes me think of the Snowys, which I think of as my mountains. I also think of them as the Platonic ideal of mountains. The archetype of mountains. When I was little, we would caravan to see them every summer, for eight years. My parents and brother and me in one car, my grandparents and the one aunt in one car, and my really cool aunt and uncle and toddler cousin would appear in the VW bus.

Here are the Snowys, from someone else's webpage. It's making me tear up, so I guess I should plan a vacation there soon. Anyone else want to go?


Perfect! I'd love you to come. How's next summer look for you?

I want to plan to go several times. Plus many more. Seems there's even a dude ranch nearby, so now I'm trying to decide between hiking and watching people fish (I bait, clean fish, and help cook, but I don't fish) and a local dude ranch. Mmmm. Horseback riding...


That's perfect, cuz I enjoy fishing, but don't really like the cleaning or cooking part!

I love mountains, and don't get to them often enough. My dad lives in Ruidoso, New Mexico, smack in the middle of the Rockies, and I am WAY overdue for a visit.

If you choose dude ranch, and not fishing (blech), I might be tempted to come with...I love horsies. :)
I don't really see all of those activities as being mutually exclusive.

I think the people watching would be even *better* at a Dude Ranch . . .
As long as I don't have to watch the fishing, I'm fine. (Sorry, but it really disturbs me. If you guys go fishing, I'm headed off with the horsies.)

Wow, even if this never happens, it's fun to think about. :) And I'll have just finished my masters, and hopefully have started my "Travel Account Savings" master plan. Woo hoo!

Oh, and I am TOTALLY planning to steal that Puss in Boots icon. :)


The thing is, you aren't fishing the right way.

First, you get some (many) beers, a good book, and a nice shady spot next to a river with a deep pool.

Then you get a fishing rod and drop your line. You then drink your beer, read your book and engage in low volume conversations so you don't 'scare away the fish'. After a half hour or so, you check your hook and discover that you forgot to bait it. You mull this over, drink another beer or two and decide if its worth the effort it would take to remedy the situation. At this point, your normally fairly sloshed, the shady spot isn't so shady any more and you decide to head in for the day.

See, easy !

Re: heh

Ah, no, see, my objection to fishing is entirely about being vegetarian, and not wanting to be involved in any activity in which taking a water breathing creature and forcing it out of the water is the goal. Watching them gasp for "air" makes me very, very sad. And don't get me started on the hook part of the process, especially the part about impaling a worm on it. I was just trying to be delicate and not mention that. :)

I used to be quite a good fisherman. Went all the time with my dad and brother when I was a kid. I just don't do it anymore.

Puss in boots

Feel free to steal it. After all, *I* certainly did!

Feel free to add us to the list of definitely want to go's

Bekah and I are agreed that trips to the mountains are to occur at least bi-yearly and perhaps more frequently should any excuse arise ;) When would you like to plan on the grand expedition?

Horses are nice, but so is fishing, hiking, no extra people so I'm in favor of cabins over tourist helpers.

Re: Feel free to add us to the list of definitely want to go's

Yep yep yep.

Sign us up and point us in a direction *Laughs* It's about time for another trip to the mountains.

Re: Feel free to add us to the list of definitely want to go's

See my latest LJ post and respond accordingly..
N in azaleas

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