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Happy Holiday Week

I am supposed to be working, but there comes a time when one's system is so exhausted that not all the cortisol in the world can get one moving.

At that time, one's thoughts may drift hither and yon.

I still don't know what I'm making for Thanksgiving. It might be turkey. Or pumpkin pie.

My Mother in Law wants me to acquire a Christmas shirt and wear it over to her house on Thanksgiving, so she can take Christmas pictures.

I am teaching myself to paint ornaments. Given that I'm having a housewarming soon, I should make myself put my toys away, off the table. But, you know, I like glitter. And puffy paintglue.

We are dog sitting this week. Maggie is an eleven-year-old corgi that cannot get one of her legs to work well, since her hip socket isn't working right. She's a sweet girl, though, and very happy to be in the room with us. Brandon is in love with her. There may be a corgi in our future.

I attempted decluttering this month. I was willing to part with three things. There was a fourth that I rescued before parting with it. Maybe next month.

I'm trying to unlearn bad gift-giving habits. I love presents. I love giving and receiving and wrapping and unwrapping and watching the joy on people's faces. I love the holidays, with the lights and the festivities. I'm thinking I need to watch silly cartoons and musicals sometime. Maybe I could do that on Dec. 22nd.

I guess I should go back to writing my new and improved project plan.

Happy Turkey Day!
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