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N in azaleas

Cat update

Thank you for all the support.

Good news: after three days at the vet, Cole is much better. He's keeping down food and yowling his dislike of accommodations.  They found out what made him sick, and it is very treatable.

Bad news: It's giardia, and all four cats have it. Both males have lost weight.  More bad news: the vet has been getting so many cases of giardia coming in lately, she thinks it's in the water supply. Cats that just get bottled water seem to be doing much better. I am wondering if I need to be drinking bottled water myself, as I know I could catch giardia too.

Have a good holiday weekend! Be well!


Dude, what kept me sick for so long after Mexico was giardia. No fun. DEFINITELY go with the bottled water. You do NOT want giardia. Ugh.
According to the City Water Quality reports (avail thru 2005 at http://www.publicworks.cityofhouston.gov/utilities/waterprod.htm), there's no giardia in Houston city water but there's giardia endemic in our soil.

So if you drink from a clean glass out of your tap you're likely to be fine, but drinking from your hose that's been sitting on the ground is a Bad Idea.

Also, a study of Texas daycare facilities showed that between 25 and 30 percent of the children were infected at any one time. Suggests that avoiding children could be even more helpful than avoiding city water...
Thank you! I was not feeling good about having a civic water supply with giardia. Seemed like something that should have been in the news, no?

OTOH, we've been dithering for a while now about buying one of those bottled water chiller dispensers because we'd both drink lots more water if an instant supply of cold, better tasting water were handy. This seemed like a fine excuse to get one.
Just something to consider if you switch to a bottled water system...At the age of 29, I got cavities for the first time. And I got 6 of them. In trying to figure out why so suddenly I got a big bunch of cavities, the dentist asked me, "Have you recently switched to drinking primarily bottled water?" And I had. We were getting bottled water delivered to the house. So no fluoride from the water I was drinking. I switched back to drinking Brita filter water, and also started using a fluoride rinse, and I haven't had a cavity since.
I do drink more water since I got the fridge with a water dispenser in it.
Oh, and don't you have/use one of those brita filter thingies? They filter out giardia. Perhaps the cats could be fed filtered water, which is probably cheaper than bottled?
I was wondering if they filtered giardia. I've got a Brita filter on my tap, and fill the cat's fountain out of that. The fountain also has an additional filter.
Yay! All the good vibes for Cole paid off. I'm so glad he's all right. :)

Treating four cats. Oh, that'll be fun.
Yay! I'm SO glad that it isn't his kidneys!

And I am SO sorry that it's giardia, and that they all have it!! Oh man, I don't envy you the treatment of that. :( Much better than the treatment of kidney failure, but still.


Thanks so much.

I know this isn't pertaining to the post, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for being all sneaky with Amy (La_Directora) and pitching in to help me replace my stolen camera. This week I went to B&H and found a suitable replacement and have been putting it to good use, thanks to you.



I'll keep your cats in my thoughts. I hope they recover fully.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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