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N in azaleas

We need good vibes..

While we've often been heard to joke about being the crazy cat family, we certainly wouldn't want to lose any of them. Cole (no, not named after me) is the kitty that will come talk to anyone and prefers to help himself to your lap and purr loudly. In fact, he purred so loudly while perched on me one night that I woke up thinking someone was using a lawn mower outside. Brandon claims this is the cat who is responsible for our marriage. He is certainly the cat that most dog lovers like best.

He appears to be pretty sick; we took him to the vet yesterday , and they want to keep him another night. Both his kidneys and his bladder appear to be in trouble, which is hard to treat as the treatment for the one is contraindicated for the other.

We could use whatever good vibes you can send our way.


Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. It's so difficult when one of our kitty babies is sick. I will be thinking of you and your family, human and feline alike. I hope all turns out well.
*****sending tons of good vibes*****

I hope he'll be OK! He really is one of the sweetest. kitties. ever.
Oh no. Cole is such a sweet kitty. He's in my prayers and vibe generators.
Poor kitty! Good vibes coming from our family, people and kitties included. -hugs-
:( :( Poor Cole. Poor you. *hugs* I'll give you a real hug when I see you tonight. I know what the pain/fear is like. Luckily, we have distraction arranged for this evening, at least.
We will add our love and healing vibes to the throng -
I'm so sorry. Happy, healthy vibes heading your direction.
I tried all day yesterday to leave a comment, but my computer was being stupid and one symptom was being unable to comment in LJ.

Any news on the poor kitty? I hope that things are better.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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