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I don't know *why* my husband thinks I resemble this remark..

This describes anyone's experience packing with me.


Hah!!! That's wonderful. And I resemble this too.
Dude, that is SO me. I've been in my apartment for 4 1/2 years, and I'm still shifting the piles around, trying to figure out how to have an organized home. (I may never HAVE an organized home, but by golly I'm going to keep shifting those piles around anyway.)

It's the ENFP "ooh, shiny..." effect in action.
Tee hee! I think I probably resemble that remark as well, but with more books and piles of unknown papers.
Just to plug the comic . . . .

This is a brand new web comic that only has about 5 or 6 strips in its archives.

Its sort of a spin off of another comic that the writer used to do called Queen of Wands. Basically, she is writing this one, but has another artist drawing it so they look very different.

Umm...yeah, that's you. And me. My classroom has piles of interesting things all over it--and I get to be happy all over again about the cool reading/lesson/map/etc. when I find it for the second or third time! : )

The painting is going well, but I'm dreading moving stuff back into the rooms when they're done. I don't have time to do what the girl in the comic does, but that's the most likely scenario. I need someone to sit in my house and yell "STOP! DON'T MOVE! FINISH THAT!" every 5 minutes or so.
If only I were in town these evenings. How late are painting sessions? Are there any on Fridays?
If all goes well, the painting will be done by Thursday. I'll be trying to put things back into place Friday and Saturday during the day. I'm pondering Baker Shake for Friday night if you're available...
Glad you are feeling better and that at least some painting is happening. Send or post pics when it's done...
Will do. : )
Cuz ya do.

We all do it.

It took me hours just to pack for the three days in LA.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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