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N in azaleas

Exercising? Unpacking?

So, I haven't been to the gym in a long, long time. I'm wondering if I can count lifting boxes that say things like "Anime #2" and "Paperback Books" and "Unfiled papers" up over my head; unpacking and carrying in the contents of the "Reference Books" and one of the "Hardback books"; running after the scurrying Orange Person (before cheating and luring him over with crunchies) as weight lifting and some aerobics.

I've also remade one and half beds, participated in 1-2 work conference calls, answered scheduling questions while not looking at the schedule in question, and taken out 1-2 more bags of trash.

I still find it very strange that all my clothes are currently fitting into about half a closet.

I'm missing some of my art. My grandmother was a painter. She only sold a few pieces in her career, and, though she was asked to join Disney studios in the 40s, she never painted professionally. My grandfather desperately wanted her not to work, as he felt it would demonstrate that he couldn't support a wife and family. Such a strange culture, I think, as I only know of that kind of thing historically, really. But I digress. I don't have many of her paintings, but I do have several watercolors and pen-and-ink, as well as an egg tempera painting in which she whimsically left the eggshells she used to make the tempera paint. B and I decided to move the art by hand, so it's been coming over a little at a time. Now that I've hung up everything I brought over last, I think it's time for more.

I'm still enjoying Xmas music and my tree. Growing up, we put up the tree on/near my bday (the winter solstace) and took it down the day after my brother's bday (Epiphany). I'm hoping it's ok to wait until Jan. 6th to take the tree down. I like looking at it.


Do you sweat while you're moving boxes and unpacking? Are you sore when you're done? Then it's exercise. :)

My tree will still be up when I get back from Mexico on the 7th, and will likely stay up until at least the following weekend, if not longer. I like to leave it up and enjoy it as long as possible. I once left a REAL tree up until March. (Yes, that's embarrasing, and yes it's for the best that I use an artificial tree now.)
Many families routinely leave the tree up til Epiphany as part of the tradition. My parents did... all decorations were up waiting for the Wise Men to come. We'll probably take ours down before we go on vac, just because I hate to see a real tree go dry.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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