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N in azaleas

Packing Hades

For someone who dislikes packing as much as I do, I sure seem to do a lot of it. We've been working since 9:00 am this morning, and the end isn't in sight. My poor husband has been very sick lately, and I have been managing crunch time at work, preparing to move to the new house, trying to get ready for the holidays, and a family crisis. In my spare time, I'm trying to plan a few celebrations to honor some loved ones' upcoming marriage.

I suspect many of you will receive your holiday cards in February.

B and I have bought a new house! It is finally feeling a little more real to me, because the sellers finally vacated the property yesterday. We're getting it painted and installing new flooring. I've only been in it twice, but I think I'll like living there.

The housewarming may be in March, at the rate we're going. :)

Happy Weekend, all!


Or April . . . .April is sounding good . . . .

Or we could just do it virtually . . . yeah . . . A virtual Housewarming . . . . .

Brandon, the over heated
Oooo, oooo, tell us more about happy house stuff!
Hey, now that you've bought a house, you won't be moving again...possibly ever! I look forward to seeing your new place.
I didn't even know you had bought a house, pictures, please! And we still haven't had a housewarming, and it's been over a year. Oops. We've been busy, :-). I send you good packing vibes, it'll be OK. Now, the unpacking, that can take a while...

It's been 4 years for me..

and no housewarming party...

N, do you want to post the "before" pictures or wait until "after" the paint & floor. Let me know, I have 5 pics of the blank back yard and 2 of the inside. ;)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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