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N in azaleas

Oh, no, it's .........ORGANIZING!!!

Wish me luck, today, all. The professional organizers are coming with packing supplies. I'll be coaxed into parting with prized (if forgotten) treasures. I'll have to ...(gulp) pack. Yes, I know, I travel every week; I should be used to packing. Ten years of it, and I still hate it.

Maybe after this move it will be easier to find homes for everything. Maybe these nice people will have a way to store important treasures like old Franklin Planners (you never know when you'll want to revisit 1988) and holiday cards from 1997.

In other news, now that Ana's on birth control, she seems to be filling out. It makes me wonder if she'd be the same size if we spayed her. (assuming we could find anyone willing to put her under with the heart murmur).

Happy Saturday, all!


They make kitty birth control???
Sort of . . Its actually *doggie* birth control that the cat vet says works well with cats.

Anna actually seems to like the taste too! Its a pretty big pill for a little gray cat, and she only takes it once a week. That means that typically, she forgets that she likes it until its forcible placed in her mouth and chews it. However, then she purrs and acts like she wants more!

The side effect is an increase in appetite (which I have noticed . . she putting on weight and eating a lot more than she used to) and a generally more affectionate behavior.

She got put on this stuff because she had this wound on her chest that simply would not heal. THe new vet asked me all sorts of questions about allergies and diet (which we had tried adjusting with no luck) and finally announced that the problem was (and this is a direct quote) "Yup! She's horny!". Apparently she was itchy because of stress (i.e., lack of sweet sweet luvin) and that caused her to overgroom her chest and that in turn eventually made a wound.

Kitty is much happier now :)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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