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N in azaleas

Sometimes it's the little things..

Today, desperately trying to determine which laundry was least offensive because I haven't left the client site in time to get to the laundromat all week, I found one last set of clean clothes. In my laptop bag.

One of my clients tells me he'll show up to work on Monday. He's not guaranteeing Tuesday. Sometimes, wrangling adults is a lot like wrangling children.

Good news, bad news: Good News - I finished my expense report early this week, and I even have the envelope ready to mail. Bad News - I finished said report because my flight's not leaving for another 45 minutes.

I'm strangely exhausted today. Every time I sit really still, I start to fall asleep. This is a little worrying while sitting in an airport, so I'm moving around. It's burning calories, right?

Rereading junk: _To Sail Beyond the Sunset_. Mama Mo' is fun fiction. I enjoy the thought that I could fantasize on paper and get paid to do so. Little things like plot aren't always as important as one would think.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be seeing old friends from my high school years. Appropriately enough, we're going to tea. This, I hope, will inspire me to get through a fun morning at work.

Hope you all are having a wonderful time today.


hey you, we need to do somthing soon. I very much want to go to ren fest soon, we went for school, but everything fun was closed, any intrest?

and I just finished reading pride & prejudice. I'm hoping to get and start Sense & sensibility soon.

N in azaleas

September 2009

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