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N in azaleas

Zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you?

B and I found some free time this afternoon and went to the zoo. I have to admit we were inspired by some friends who had taken their baby earlier in the day.

I'm afraid my membership had expired, so I renewed it. B and I then hunted for our brick. No dice. We went into the zoo, admired the napping koalas, dodged the Baby Drama Queen (2 ft tall and already holding the back of her hand to her forehead), and meandered to the baby giraffe. Next, we wished the Komodo dragon (Smaug) a happy birthday. Smaug was bored with his presents, resentful of my taking his picture, and a little sleepy until some nice prey-sized animal approached his cage. Perked him right up.

The baby elephant likes to stand underneath his mother and copy her movements. He's only about 3' tall.

They've put the jaguars where the snow leopards were and the maned fox where the cheetahs were. I think they've maybe spent money on everything at the zoo except additional animals -- there were souvenirs, foodstuffs, games, little viewfinders; I felt as though I were visiting a fair. The Houston Zoo went from being a non-profit to a professionally-owned organization about a year ago. I'll be interested to see how they progress.

Meanwhile, I think I'll be attending Feast with the Beasts in a few weeks.


N in azaleas

September 2009

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