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N in azaleas

Request for Advice..

Say you were going to DisneyWorld for 3 days. What would you be sure to do? Why?


I'll second what my lurvely wife said. I like EPCOT even better than the Magic Kingdom, though if you've never been to Disney you should see them both.

Universal Studios is not actually Disney - they're a competitor to MGM Studios, which is Disney. They're both pretty good, with Universal being more ride and coaster oriented, and MGM being a little more Disney like.
So, EPCOT and Magic Kingdom, and I'm good to go? Where would you spend more time?
I like non-scary roller-coaster rides. Pirates appeals to me because I've never seen it. I don't usually suffer from motion sickness, but I do have a fear of instability and heights.
A&E lived in FL lots longer than I did, but I did my formative years there (high school) so I have a little perspective. But my answer is still: MAGIC KINGDOM. That's if you've never done it before. I'm just a kid at heart, but I'm sorry, it's way fun. I mean, teacups rock. And even Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a blast. And like A&E, Pirates and the Mansion are absolute must sees. And I also always hit the Country Bear Jamboree, because I just heart Big Al.

In high school, I had the layout of Magic Kingdom MEMORIZED. Knew exactly the path to take to get to Pirates before the line got too long. Also could boogie to get to Space Mountain. Having done both Land and World, I believe Space Mountain at World is better, particularly if you are with a sig other. At least back in the day, World's Space Mountain was designed so that you can fit up to four in a car (two seats are divided to accomodate either singles or two pairs). Snuggle! I always wanted to go on that with a sig other, but never had the chance. Then when I *did* do it with a sig other, it was at Land, and the design was different... side by side. And I was rather annoyed.

Anyway, last time I was at World was 2000 for a conference, and I did both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT and enjoyed both. EPCOT is more cerebral, though it does have some cool stuff.

Other thing to consider... shows. Cirque De Solei has a permanent gig down there that you can get tickets to. If I were going again, I'd do that, as I've never seen Cirque live.
Now, see, I need that valuable info about when to go where..

I've been to Disney once. When I turned 30. By myself. I'm looking forward to sharing it with someone.
How much energy do you have?

I doubt there's a good reason to spend more than one day at any one park. You may or may not want to spend every waking minute at the parks.

Was at DisneyWorld in 2002. They have this thing called fast pass. If you really want to get a lot of rides in, figure out how to use the fast pass before you go. Basically it allows you to get a specific time you can go on the ride in advance and then go do other things while you wait.
I think I want a park hopper, too. The one time I went, I formed the opinion that no one needed more than 4 hours at Animal Kingdom..
What would I be sure to do? Pack sunscreen. Why? You get grumpy when you get sunburned, and then you don't have much fun any more.

Other than that... it's all fun. I'd try to hit the stuff that wasn't there the last time I went (which was over a decade ago), but that's just me...
Come to think of it, I think I called you on my cell phone when I was at Disney. I think you were gardening while I was entranced by the Park's efficient janitorial service.

I get grumpy when I'm too hot, sunburned, thirsty, hungry, or hurt. Sunscreen, I can manage.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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