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N in azaleas

I'm sure there's a silver lining..

I'll just be grateful that, if I had to snap a ligament, it was the ACL, which is a common sports injury. I'm getting more reconciled to surgery.


Actually, it is a good story. Tango lessons - there's a turn in tango that one's partner controls more than one controls. With beginning tango partners who forget and turn at the last minute (so one hasn't prepared one's weight), injury can occur.

Best we can figure actually, is that I had probably partially torn it the last time I was taking dancing lessons with Whip classes, and that I completed the damage about a week ago.

Still and all, four to six months AFTER surgery before I can go dancing again..I'm working on being grateful it's such a common surgery.
Ouch! I'm so sorry, though I have to admit that a Tango Related Injury is kind of cool. ; ) Let me know if you need anything--I can do quick shopping runs or other stuff that's quick on days when I don't have the kids (W-Th-F)

Thank you so much! I think I may take you up on the offer after the surgery -- for now, I'm still allowed to travel. :P I'm just moving VERY carefully, as I'm unsure how stable my knee is.

Ouch! I remember hobbling around on my half-healed sprained ankle, and that sucked big time.

Just let me know when and how I can help. : )
That's good news! I'm guessing you haven't been able to set up an appointment with that surgeon you were talking about yet, it being Labor Day weekend and all?

Are you in town again this week?

By the way, I love your new LJ layout! So appropriate!!

Sadly, no, I'll be travelling this week. I have to break the news to the project somehow..

I am still waiting to set up an appointment with the second surgeon. I'll let you know when I hear something.
Oh, I'm so sorry. The BodyBugg is now gonna get all whiny at you, huh? It is a common injury, though, so at least PTs will know what to do with you.

I, as well, love your new LJ layout, particularly the title. I'm finding myself singing the rest of the lyrics though. Am hoping this is actually a reference to Paint Your Wagon, cuz if it isn't, I'm revealing my complete showtune geekitude.

Someday, I'll figure out how to branch beyond basic LJ templates. Sigh.
Thank you! I like that song a good deal, actually. Something about the raspy-ness of Lee Marvin's singing and the lyrics. I like many of the songs from that musical, for that matter.

"The best things in life are dirrrrrrrrrrt-y.."
It wasn't my favorite, but I love "I talk to the trees" just for the image of Dirty Hairy talking to an elm.
Ouch! I hope you find a good surgeon, and that you heal quickly and well.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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