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N in azaleas

Doc Recommendations?

I'm in the market for a podiatrist and a dentist who practice in Houston. Any of you have recommendations?


I like my dentist a lot.

Rebecca M. Harvey
2025 Fairview
Houston, TX 77019
I really liked Dr. Dana Caledonia, in the Compass Bank building across from Edwards Cinema on Weslayan. I gather he is expensive if you don't have good insurance, but he has a great staff and is really nice guy. We were referred to him by Matt Cohen (I think)... whoever it was still returns to Houston from Austin to see him.
Podiatrist: Dr. Bertorello wired my foot back together rather well. I was very pleased with the care she gave, though I recommend seeing her only if you have insurance because she believes in follow up care. I cannot imagine what it would have cost me to have a series of x-rays every 2 weeks following surgery, but I'm sure it would have hurt had I not had insurance. She ran reasonably on time though emergeny surgeries sometimes delayed her. She's in one of those big medical towers off the SW Freeway out near-ish to Channel 2.

Dentist: I cannot say enough wonderful, positive, glowing things about my dentist, Dr. Masera. He's good; having suffered through bad dentistry that means everything. He runs ontime, he's VERY quick, and he's accurate in his pain estimates. If he says something isn't going to hurt it doesn't, likewise it isn't the end of the world if he says it's going to hurt a little, and when he says "hold your breath," well, did I mention that he's quick? Whether he truly give me an extra shot of painkiller that I ask for or whether he's good at humoring me (because I can't feel anything anyway after the first) is irrelevant. He keeps me happy. :) I've referred two other people to him, including Joe, and they've both been pleased. Also, he isn't crazy expensive. He's located in the SW, near Meyerland.

Let me know if you want either of their numbers. I'm more than happy to send them work.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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