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N in azaleas

Not checking liquid????

So, I have to remove my saline solution from my carry-on baggage. Hope someone can tell me how well my contacts are going to survive that one.


THREE HOUR SECURITY LINE. For a domestic flight. In Tampa. YIKES!



Are they hoping terroists will be confused by blurred vision?
No, they're hoping she isn't using a saline solution bottle to hide something nefarious. Banning it is easier than insisting she drink it. :)

Nicole, I really do feel your pain. I plan all of the travel for the guys here, and let's just say that NYC airports are not where you want to be right now. Newark was described this morning as being, "like a concert at Wembley Stadium." As if that place weren't usually fun enough.
I'm now mentally seeing a bunch of guards sitting around a table chanting 'CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG'
The part of the news this morning that said they would make an exception for baby's milk if the person tasted it in front of the security people reminded me of the episode of "Friends" where they all pressured Ross to try the pumped breast milk in the bottle.
Wasn't that drained chicken fat?
Different episode.
I just remember the fact that all three male characters got one after another to chugg a glass full of chiken fat.

Reminded me of elementary school :)
Yup, totally different episode. The one I'm talking about involves all of the friends and Ross's ex-wife trying to convince him that it's okay to try the breast milk, and him freaking out. I'm pretty sure it's called, "The one with the breast milk."
Ouch! Now that's some pain. I don't mind being asked to check certain items but I think the public's patience will eventually wear thin if they don't make arrangements to provide you with basic items - such as saline solution - while on board. As someone who cannot use sensitive eye solution (and why is that?!?), I can imagine the problems this will cause.

I can't imagine the boredom of a 3 hour wait. Reminds me of flying in October 2001. LAX has remained a nightmare so I can't imagine the headache it is now.
(I always get hypnotized by your running skeleton icon...Ooooo...pretty....)

Yeah, NYC airports were pretty well screwed up for a while. They're going to be a bear now. I'm very grateful I don't have any immediate travel plans. I just hope things are a bit calmer before my mom comes in October.
Maybe by that point airlines flying long, international flights will be smart enough to supply trial/travel size type stuff on the flights. You should call your airline and suggest it. :)
Wow! Holy fuck! It sounds like I've missed some major news or something.
N in azaleas

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