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N in azaleas


..I'm quite skilled at avoiding processing data I don't want to acknowledge. My powers of denial are hardened from years of use.

So, I find that when I need to think through information, such as the information my doc gave me last Friday, I have a hard time. Being an E, I am better able to come to conclusions while in a dialogue. Being surrounded by I's, it's harder to find the right people with whom to dialogue.

Any of you been in a similiar situation? Do you type yourself a letter? Burden friends? Try to get a counselor to articulate an understanding of your emotions?

EDIT Thank you, all of you, for the responses. I may type out a friends-locked entry, at that. Meantime, it's good to feel loved.


I've continued to see my therapist every other week for this reason. It's great to know that I've got somewhere to go on a regular basis where someone will listen to all of my processing.

I also find friends-locked LJ entries to be a good way to get trusted feedback. As greeneyes_rpi said, anything you wanna talk about?
I also process with friends on IM or in locked journal entries, or occasionally by phone or in person.

Wanna talk about something?
I have no useful input. My processing is usually either completely internal, or accomplished in the presence of a paid professional. It takes a lot to get me to talk to friends, which is probably not the healthiest thing for me. Sorry, I'm one of those omnipresent I's!

That having been said: I, too, am good for listening. I can even nod at appropriate intervals. And, I make tea!
Mmm. Tea. Peppermint is lovely.
Some of us are Es. Just ask, baby!

But, uh, I can relate. My spouse is a raging i. I've been known to write things out on occassion. In fact, I usually have to do that even when I've had a chance to discuss an issue, just so I capture somewhere what I've actually learned.
I talk to friends I trust (you've suffered through a certain amount of that from me...).

I sometimes write down thoughts.

I let it run through my head while doing brainless manual/physical stuff - exercising, cleaning, etc.

I repress it and fall apart at inconvenient moments.

I haven't actually used a counsellor in a while - I find it hard to actually trust enough to get much good out of that. hypocritical of me, since I usually recommend counselling to others.

As everyone else has said - just let me know if you need a sounding-board. I can do sympathetic listening or advice, whichever you prefer...
You know it's easy to talk it out with people... after you get past that akward stage. Anyways, if you feel open to talking about it with little old me I'm here.
I write (of course...) I also rant (uh, another of course...). Kevin often gets rather sick of me. He's an I. Which is why I tend to hang with E girls.

I do hope that things are OK... (?)
I don't know how I missed this post of yours! But I did!

I'm very sorry, sweetie. The couple of times I've talked to you this week, I've gotten the distinct impression that you *didn't* want to talk about it, so I didn't push. I'm here if you want to talk!

Another option.. If your friends don't have the experience to help you, there are always support groups. I'm sure you can find one online, and Houston being as big as it is I wouldn't be surprised if there were a face to face one somewhere around here.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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