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N in azaleas

Request for Information


My dear friends, A and J, are looking to visit Manhattan for a romantic weekend -- leave the toddler at home, take in some shows, soak up some culture. You know the thing.

They are planning to go for a weekend in October or November. They'd like advice about where to stay (under $150/night), what to see, and when to go.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


On the where to stay - start looking NOW. I book travel for lots of people at my job, and New York hotel rates are SOARING. I had a guy travel last minute a few weeks ago, and I couldn't find anything for less than $500 a night. Now, keep in mind that these guys won't stay in "interesting" places. So tell your friends to start thinking creatively and doing lots of internet searches. Tell them to check for bed and breakfast type arrangements, where you can sometimes find a great deal in an interesting neighborhood. (I've got friends who stayed at a B&B in Harlem, which was in the garden level of a brownstone. Very cool.)

If these are friends from Texas, and therefore people who might get extra pleasure out of seeing fall foliage, they should come in mid to late October. And then they should take the Circle Line fall foliage cruise up the Hudson River. (See "Bear Mountain Cruises") They should also plan some time in the trip for a walk through Central Park. If they visit the Met, they should definitely get to the rooftop, assuming it's open, so they can look down on Central Park in its fall colors glory.

If by "shows" you mean "Broadway", best bet is probably the TKTS booth the day of the show.

If your friends would like more specific suggestions, I love playing tour guide for my favorite city. I'd be happy to make specific restaurant suggestions, etc., once I have info on what they like and where they'll be staying.
Here from mjphila's journal.

The new production of Company hits broadway in October, and by all accounts from the pre-broadway run, it is amazing and stars Raul Esparza, who is, imo, one of the best actors in NY. I highly recommend they put down the cash for that. Use TKTS for anything else. October/November isn't big tourist season, so they should be fine waiting to get tickets until they get here. If they go to the box office the day of the show, they have a good chance of getting just-released house seats, which are in the front section of the orchestra seats.

For hotels, I don't really know. My parents favor the Hotel Beacon at 73rd and Broadway when they come, but like la_directora said, do research.

An evening cruise on the Staten Island Ferry is free, romantic, and takes you right past the statue of liberty with a view of the NY skyline. A stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge and boardwalk is quite romantic, and there's homemade ice cream on the Brooklyn side. Also, if your friends are into tall buildings, you can now go to the top of Rockefeller Center. I spend a lot of time walking my visitors around the West Village, too. For museums, the Cloisters in Ft Tryon Park (A to 190th St.) houses the Met's medieval collection in a reconstructed monastery complete with gardens. It is situated in a beautiful park restored by Bette Midler's environmental foundation, New York Restoration Project. She has a restaurant there, too, The New Leaf Cafe, which is reasonably priced and has delicious, freshly made food. I highly recommend the entire experience. Most museums are "suggested" admission, which means pay what you want. Some have set fees, but those often also have free days. The Moma's (Museum of Modern Art)free day is Friday after 4pm. If they go to a free day, your friends will save a lot of time by leaving rucksacks at home because the bag check line is required and long.

Hope that helped some.
Whoops! I meant to say I'm here via ciaracat.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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