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Lager Rhythms

yay! I was finally IN TOWN on a weekday, so I got to watch the 90-minute set of the Lager Rhythms in a Houston coffeehouse that I had never heard of: Mojo Rising, I think, is the name. They serve some yummy waffles, as johnbrandon can attest.

It's been quite some time since I heard this a capella group. drelmo is now in charge of the door charges and shilling stuff. I bought my very own copy of Band Gap.

Last night, drangelo was in top voice -- American Idol, here he comes. Great tone, good projection, just enough characterization. I think LR is used to being miked. While they still harmonized beautifully, we deaf people at the back near the train had some difficulty hearing solo lyrics from many of the singers, particularly one of the newer bari-basses.

As promised, greeneyes_rpi was looking hot and wielded the pitch pipe with mighty and dread vim. Blurker Gone Bad still has an alto that can give me goosebumps, but it was harder to hear her last night.

It was good to see the band sing old and new favorites, as well as seeing old band members in the audience singing along.. I hope I can see the next gig before Lights in the Heights. :)

N, fangirrrrrrrrrrrl


FTR, I was three or five feet behind little n.allee, and I could hear the band just fine.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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