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N in azaleas

Good morning!

We're all sleepy and purry over here this morning. I slept nine hours straight - the most sleep I've had in eight days. Three out of four cats think it would be nice if I grew an extra arm and would pet all of them at the same time. The fourth cat would just prefer it if the other three were miraculously removed.

Last night, Brandon and I went to my mother's to meet a long-lost cousin of hers. He and my mother have many similarities -- they both married Italian-Americans; they both have a son-in-law named Pope; they're both introverts married to extraverts. Dinner was shrimp creole -- yum! After dinner, Wayne (the new cuz) played the guitar. I love evenings where the entertainment is provided by the people in the group -- singing, acting, playing a game.

Dewberries (blackberries) are in season now. Every time I eat one, I think of those many weekends in Brookshire, picking wild dewberries while waiting for it to be our turn to take a horseback riding lesson. People still tell me that students trained by our teacher (who had the WORST temper) have the lightest hands they've ever seen. Guess we got something good from that.


Huh, I never realized that a dewberry is the same as a blackberry!

Sorry I didn't buy you blackberries Saturday night, by the way - they were moldy. Didn't feel like paying $10 per pound for moldy fruit.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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