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N in azaleas

Another sheepage, snagged from elthar

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bridge:
    I played bridge obsessively in high school. Frightened by warning tales of people who flunked college because of their bridge addiction, I slacked off. When I did finally get the courage to start up again, most of my bridge-playing friends were far more serious. This is one of those interests I have that's waiting to become a hobby.
  2. contemporary fantasy:
    I love stories. They speak to me in hushed whispers or seductive murmurs. When I was young, I wanted my escapism to be complete -- it was best if the stories bore no resemblance to my world. As I've grown, I'm more interested in stories that could take place in my world, if only we could believe in the magic. I've been slowly brought over by the likes of Laurell, Jim Butcher, Kara Dalkey, Jane Yolen, Charlene Harris, Wen Spencer..
  3. faeries:
    If you have a love for mythos and magic, of course, you must satisfy a curiousity about the fey.
  4. friends:
    Did I mention I love stories? Are any stories more interesting than the human ones? My friends are bright, intellectually curious, talented, funny -- I'm lucky to know you.
  5. history:
    Not to harp on a theme, but what stories could be more relevant than those of our ancestors in time?
  6. lager rhythms:
    I'm always in awe of people who can sing in key and carry a tune. My main musical talents are applause and an ability to push an "on" key. This a capella group not only sings well, they have a fabulously snarky sense of humor. What's not to like?
  7. modern fairy tales:
    Have I mentioned that my master's is in linguistics and many fairy tale authors were also linguists? Wonder if it's our fascination with cultures, words, and mores, and how they affect one another.
  8. patrick nagel:
    I grew up in the 80s. I liked Duran Duran. I like the clean lines of Japanese wood prints. Any questions?
  9. scotland:
    Green. Source of many ancestors. A place known in myth for stubborn survival. Bagpipes. Yes, I guess I think in stereotypes, but I like them.
  10. the brothers grimm:
    Remember where I was speaking of linguists who wrote fairy tales? Here you are.

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You can't snag it from me, I snagged it from you! :)
You have read Neil Gaiman's "Stardust", right?
Why, yes. I like Neil Gaiman, even if I have been putting off MirrorMask.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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