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N in azaleas

Interests meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bridge:
    Other people went to pep rallies. I skipped those - and other mandatory events - by hiding in the Mr. Warren's classroom learning about bidding and bluffing. It could be an addiction, but I'd never do anything else.
  2. contemporary fantasy:
    I used to despise contemporary fantasy, but I read a book where Pittsburgh was an entry to the sidhe hills. Pittsburgh was a dark time in my life, so I enjoyed the chance to use it as a jump to escapism.
  3. faeries:
    I find it fascinating that I like "fairy stories" but am frightened of Celtic faerie stories - Old Irish, Scottish, English. So much blood and pain in those tales -- makes me long for Andrew Lang.
  4. friends:
    All the spare time I have in my life right now is dedicated to keeping my friendships intact.
  5. history:
    If you love stories about people, how can you not love history?
  6. lager rhythms:
    Have you heard them? I enjoy 'em, professionally and personally, those I know personally.
  7. modern fairy tales:
    I'm a sucker for mythos, storytelling, and happy endings. I live with a great deal of pathos, melodrama, and mental illness -- I don't need to read about same in my spare time.
  8. patrick nagel:
    I've always had a thing for black hair and green eyes. I like the Japanese-print lines and the reminder of Duran Duran.
  9. scotland:
    Green. Hilly. Brigadoon. I'd love to see it and look up where the ancestors left.
  10. the brothers grimm:
    Linguists and tale-tellers, like my beloved Andrew Lang, and your beloved Tolkien, the Brothers weave tapestries worth hanging 'round the house.

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N in azaleas

September 2009

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