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N in azaleas

I've been nudged..

..to update my LJ.

I finished my last project in Toledo. I'll miss some of those folks. Others, not so much.

While I was in Ohio, my Persian cat started trying to drop his winter coat. My husband, who believes cats don't need help with bathing, did not groom the cat. Needless to say, by the time I got home, Nicholas needed to be shaved. The groomer could not do the entire job in one session (apparently, I own a mini-lion). Thus, our Orange Person appears to be going through a punk phase. Sans green dye.

It's about time to be thinking about having children. So I'm thinking about it. I haven't progressed to working out and meeting with doctors and so forth. I do find myself comparing my godparents' life -- one filled with exotic travel and extreme comfort to my parents' -- one filled with me and my bro and aunts and uncles and all the trauma living with drama royalty brings. I'm not sure which I'd prefer.

For her 60th bday, we took my mom to San Diego, where we stuffed her onto a truck and let giraffes lick her. Ok, so we went to the Wild Animal Park, where we admired the lions staking out a dead Range Rover, baby prey animals, murderous cattle, and a few young rhinos. A good time was had by all.

I'm avoiding my homework, as usual.

That's being said, I'm pretty cheerful right now. Hope you all are the same.



He wouldn't *let* me comb him!

I am sitting here snickering trying to imagine what would happen if you tried to apply green Manic Panic to the cat.

This particular cat would probably think it was pretty cool.

I think he refuses to get combed because he LIKES being shaved. They leave his head fluffy and with the big fluffy head and skinny bald body he looks like a bobblehead. Or a miniature MGM lion wannabe, take your pick...
(obligatory rabid warning about having children you're probably tired of hearing)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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