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N in azaleas

The latest in Cat Herding..

So, my mother turns 60 this year. I thought the fam might want to celebrate the occasion with a short trip.

Here's what I'm corraling: 3 frequent travelers; 3 not-so-frequent travellers. 3-6 walkers. Non-smokers. Art lovers: 6. Sports fans: 2-3 (one will go for the hot dogs and beer). Horse mad: 1. Hate camping: 2-4. Love coffee: 4. Love sushi: 2.



"Short trip" as in everyone goes to where none of them live? "Short" in time or in distance traveled? And are you looking for a location where the group could split up and each do what he or she enjoys, or a single fun-thing-to-do that would be interesting to everyone?

Since it's your mother's birthday... what do you think SHE would like to do?

(Okay, you may not have meant the "Help!" literally. But I think you triggered my engineer/problem solver reflex. :) )
She's an ENFP. She meant "Help" literally, I'll betcha. We ENFP's solve problems by talking about them. Especially with our engineer/problem solver friends. :)

So, Nicole, my questions are the same as K's, with one addition - any info on the crossover of the interests you list? Are any of the 6 art lovers among the 2-3 sports lovers, and vice versa? Any area where interest is at a majority?

And, of course, I'm also of the opinion that the person whose tastes matter the most are your mother's.



Yes, I meant HELP literally

Mama is willing to walk to interesting locations and is not interested in hiking for hiking's sake. She's cheerfully taken herself all over Europe, into and out of museums, while my dad was working.

Dad likes being with his family and being active. He has some interest in museuming and some in live performances, moreso if they entertain my mother.

My bro likes exploring a town on foot, striking up conversations with locals, and getting the feel of a place

His gf says she likes being able to walk to things, stresses out about travel, and would prefer to stay home, for the most part

My hubby likes relaxing. He likes spas. He likes reading.

The parents and I have enjoyed trips to NYC, where we saw the Producers. My bro was irritated that trip, b/c he wanted to walk from one end of the city to the other, and felt he had insufficient time, particularly as he had to waste some on theater. The 'rents and I have enjoyed trips to Hot Springs, AR (historic park + spa); Wyoming (pretty scenery + hiking + sitting 'round reading books + s'mores); Santa Fe (scenery, hiking, spa, shopping); Hershey hotel; Gettysburg..

My bro and his gf enjoyed a trip to the bay area and Napa valley. They like day trips through Texas. I've never been with both of them on a trip.

It may not be perfect, but the first place that comes to mind is Portland, OR. It's generally very pedestrian-friendly. The Japanese Garden is really lovely. You can take your hubby and other book lovers to Powell's Books. Don't know whether there are other museum or theater options that might interest you....
Fredericksburg, Texas. Stay in a B&B; there are many and I can give recommendations. Fredericksburg is picturesque, has plentiful shopping/antiquing/dining/boozing opportunities and is generally good for people who like hanging out and checking out art shows. Within an hour drive are many fine outdoorsy things, including Enchanted Rock and Lost Maples. Excellent hiking and camping can be had there for those so inclined; those disinclined can remain at base camp, and everybody can reunite for a truly excellent dinner at the Welfare [population: 10] general store and restaurant. I mean truly excellent; the schnitzel is to die for.

Also within striking range: the Johnson library, plus destinations in San Antonio and Austin.
I do love Enchanted Rock.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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