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N in azaleas

So, what's up with Nicole?

Health update: Still not taking care of my health. I seem to have put it on hold until I get off this project. Until then, I'm trying to walk instead of drive more often and using my fabulous daylight lamp.

Hobby update: Well, my Residence Inn room now has suncatchers up. I bought myself some toys - suncatchers and paint, embroidery ("gallery crewel," which even MY short attention span may be willing to finish), colors, coloring book, and a lap loom. Progress:
* 5 sun catchers painted; 2 hung
* two terrier noses stitched on the gallery crewel
* Minerva's hair colored on the "Arachne" page in the mythology coloring book
* "Star" pattern wound on loom. Two sets of cross ties begun.

Books: I've been reading Kerry Greenwood's books. Sadly, I have nearly finished. Each book seems to deal with a separate culture (Jewish quarter, theater, Welfare, Gold Rush, Chinese, etc) in 1928 Australia.

Cocktails: I have discovered an excellent concoction. See "not taking care of health," above.

Movies: I watched Memoirs of a Geisha Saturday. The visuals took my breath away and made me think of making pain and sorrow into an art form. I haven't read the book in five years, so I cannot comment on how faithfully the film follows the book. I found the film quite rich, but it left me sad and tired. So, then I went to watch The Brady Bunch the remake Yours, Mine, and Ours . I don't know if it was miscast, misdirected, or badly written, but I didn't enjoy the conglomeration.


Thanks! I'll try to remember to take pictures, especially since I'm supposed to be recording my trip. Unfortunately, it has only been sunny one day since I got up here last Monday.

Cocktail: Orange juice, gin, splash of lime grenadine, splash of red grenadine, frozen peaches. If you freeze it, it makes a lovely granita (sp?).

The best health changes are the ones that are sustainable. They'll come slowly.

The hobby and book stuff sounds like you're making some progress.


Trying to do so.
And the interview? Has that happened yet? *fingers still crossed*
No, they rescheduled the interview to today. I'll need that luck. Thanks!
Will be crossing fingers for the interview.

I have never thought of decorating a hotel room. Are you in the same room week after week, or do you get a new room to decorate each week?

Maybe we should get some of those pseudo-velvet papers with fantastical scenes on them that you color with magic markers. I've seen them in the drugstore and never had an excuse to buy anything so useless, but that's because I hadn't thought of decorating hotel rooms!

Entertaining to leave stuff behind and wonder what the cleaning staff will think. Funny to imagine if they decide to leave the decoration in place for the next occupants (or if they don't notice that that thing hung neatly on the wall isn't the usual hotel fare...)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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