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N in azaleas

"There's nothing wrong with Ohio..."

Today, the voice in my brain is singing, "Come Back to Texas", by Bowling for Soup. I have my nice daylight lamp. (Thanks tubin!) I have my PC. I have the receipts for most of my expenses.

TK has requested that I take photos of my commute. It took forever to capture the garish neon tunnel filled with New Age plonking at the airport yesterday. I did not take a picture of the Kroger. Because today is so rainy, I may skip the outdoor downtown Toledo pictures.

Looks as though I'm being staffed in Florida for a month. Wonder how that will go?

Oh! Keep your fingers crossed, friends! I have an interview for a non-travel activity with Deloitte that would last six months. Interview is on Thurs.

Hope you are all feeling happy and wise.



New Age plonking!

That cries out for a movie! Set the dial to the filmstrip and hold the shutter button down.


Re: New Age plonking!

You'll just have to wait, then. But I'll play with the movie.
"there's nothing wrong with Ohio . .. "

Except the snow and the raaaaaaaaiiin
I really love Drew Carrey and I'd love to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

(This moment brought to you by Bowling for Soup)
Oh, good luck, good luck, good luck! For either the Florida posting, which should be a welcome relief from the cold, grey north, or even better for the in-town posting!
Giving you a sunlight lamp was a stop-gap that I hope you won't need much longer...
N in azaleas

September 2009

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