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N in azaleas

Happy Birthday to Us!

It's our birthday today. A very merry solstace and first day of winter to you all!

How do we celebrate our birthday? We went to lunch together and spent the day working.

The "we" in question are my husband and I.

Happy Holidays!


Happy birthday to both of you!
Thank you! A very merry unbirthday to you! Happy Solstace, Merry Yule, and a lovely set of shiny holidays to you and your beloved.

Happy birthday and bright solstice!
Thank you! It's one of the coolest things about our b'day. You'll love the pic of B and Tracy and a grumpy Persian, all wearing party hats, when I get 'round to posting it!
Happy Birthday to the both of you!!! I did not know you are in town. You should call. Mom's sick. Also any suggestion on what to get the hubby for his b-day?
You probably know the manga and anime scene better than I do. He liked _Serenity_, and it just came out on DVD..Thank you for the bday wishes! I got into town very late last night. I have to do work from home, though. :( It's almost worse than homework.
Bday wishes, and solstice greetings. It's a lovely night tonight, hopefully you and he are enjoying it.
Thank you! We'd have called you guys, but my phone suicided, taking with it all the numbers I had in the phone book. If y'all want us to have your contact info, please mail it to one of us. (nicoleallee at yahoo or brandon dot pope at gmail)
Hi, sweetie! Happy day and all, and let me know when you plan to pick up your Christmas present! And tell me what I ought to do with my new LJ page...
N in azaleas

September 2009

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