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N in azaleas

Wedding Planning

Oh mah goodness. Is this planning to throw a party I'm not even sure I'd like to attend going to drive me crazy or what? I had no idea what all you poor brides went through. So many expectations. So many relatives. Who don't like the other relatives. Who eat into the number of FRIENDS you can invite. Even the ones who are family in all but blood.

Today's irritation: trying to budget such that I don't have to handwrite 250+ invites.

Ok, and I'm still looking desperately for a job in Houston. I'm cute! Hire me!

- N



I'm actually quite good at holding hysterical and worried brides it turns out. So if you need someone to tell you it'll be ok, or just to bitch at, feel free.

I'd offer to step out of the wedding invite list, but I know that would only make me an evil relative bent on playing the martyr, which is tiresome. Instead I'll offer to support you should you tell us all to quietly walk off the pier so you can have a nice peaceful small wedding :)

Love ya,
Alan Sumner Hinds-Brofft
He of many names, none of which make sense.

Re: *Hugs*

Your stepping off the wedding list is not desirable or helpful, but thank you for the offer, which was kind.

We do share a mutual cuz who could step off, however ....

Ahem. Sorry. Ish.

N in azaleas

September 2009

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