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N in azaleas

I want more sleep

instead of the joys of marketing. Why, yes, I am in fact writing information for an RFI. No, no I don't know the answers to more than half their questions, but I'm making a brave attempt.

Meanwhile, in my attempts at procrastination, I have discovered:
Julia Quinn is soon to publish a new novel
Laurell K. Hamilton has written the next Anita novel (1000 pages) but it is not ready for publication yet
Charlaine Harris cannot tell us the ultimate fate of Bill and Sookie
Donna Andrews has written a few Meg short stories and signed a contract for 3 more books. They are as yet unbegun.

My friend just had her first baby! Congrats to her!

My ex called last night because he was in San Fransisco looking at polar bears and couldn't help but think of me. So he had to call. Mcroft asked if it were the 7 inch claws or the ability to slap salmon out of a stream that reminded the ex of me.



Lots of catty things lept to mind about the bears, but upon further reflection I've decided to delete them. Interacting with your ex is awkward at the best of times, and doesn't get easier when they spontaneously call you because they've free associated.
July!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting half a year already....
<- Julia Quinn freak.

If you want a hit of Quinn before then though- Lady Whistledown Strikes Back is good crack.

Congrats to your friend *grins* And many wishes of good sleep.

Maybe it's just the bear aspect... since you like bear things? I free associate trains with one of my exes... and Alanis Morisette with another one. However it's never crossed my mind to call up an ex and let them know that I thought of them when I saw a train. Strange.
I got a weird phone call from Carlos after he saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", the purpose of which was to let me know that, if he could, he wouldn't erase his memories of me. What a relief that was cause, you know, I was losing sleep worrying about that.

Calls like that and the polar bear one definitely fit in the, "designed to make them feel better without regard to how it will effect you," category.


I had no idea you could slap a salmon out of a stream, Nicole! I'll have to bring you with me the next time I visit Alaska.

Fresh salmon. Yum.

elizabeth -- who *still* does not have a LiveJournal
You know, you don't need an invite code, and neofender isn't used yet ...
N in azaleas

September 2009

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