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N in azaleas

Sigh..Texas, how could you?

Today was the first day I was really ashamed to be a Texan. I am deeply unhappy with election results on amending our Constitution.


I had hopes based on the number of yard signs I saw against Prop. 2 -- and that I saw none for it. I had hopes because Houston tends to have more influence than our population merits because we have mayoral elections at the same time. I had hopes because I still remember with pride that Houston was the turning point; the first city to reject the attempts to roll back Affirmative Action.

Sadly, the people who hate are religiously motivated. If there's anything I've learned in the last five years, it's that religious zealotry and intolerance is difficult to counteract.
Especially when it's so deeply ingrained, and your normal every-day sorts of people don't realize that's what's going on. I talked with a few people at work, finally, in spite of my trying not to talk politics at work, and got several almost identical "I have tons of gay friends, and I love them all to death, but you know [insert something vague about the Bible]". Which just leaves me dumbfounded. I tried to get them to talking about it, either to change their minds or help me understand why they feel that way, and it was no good.

*bangs her head against the wall*
I was SO hoping they'd surprise me. :(
I was told I was going to hell for "being married and not respecting the sanctity of it".

I may have missed something somewhere, but the only difference between being married to bekah, and dating her is that this way my best friend gets to make decisions about me should I become a vegetable, instead of my sister.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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