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I smell like a campfire

..so, we had a little excitement this morning, on my project. We're all sitting in a workshop in One Erie Center, in downtown Toledo, when the fire alarm goes off. As you might expect, we all assume it's an unannounced fire drill. Three of us have laptops - the presenter, his teammate, and me, the training team lead. I grab mine and my notes -- it's lunchtime anyway, and I figure I may need it in the time we're standing around outside. This delays me, and I'm one of the last three of us out of the classroom.

We head out the way we came in, and then remember that elevators + fire = not very bright idea. The door back in has an electric lock, but fortunately, we are able to jump the counters to go back through the cube farm to the stairs. We're on the 3rd floor and making our way down to the ground floor. Between floors two and one, it begins to smell like something is burning. On the way out the door, it smells like a campfire and reminds me of s'mores.

Outside, we discover the building across the street is going up in flames. There's a slight wind, which I think is the reason they evacuated our building. As I watch, the brick wall on this old building collapses. Soon, I see white smoke amidst the black and assume that I'm viewing the steam from fire-fighting. Some thrill-seekers elect to move closer to the fire for a better view. I elect to go back to work in another building, 4-5 blocks away, as the crow flies.

I've never seen a building on fire in person. I'm glad we're all fine, and I hope no one was still in the building.


As your beloved pain in the butt husband, I think I can speak for everyone when we say that we would like to formally request that you try to not witness any more building on fire . . . especially from close up :)
I, too, hope no one was hurt but am selfish enough to be quite relieved that it was not your building. Glad you're okay. :)

re: getting closer to the burning building -- there's something fascinating about fire. I've been drawn to watch burning buildings, too, but ultimately prefer prefer my fire in a fireplace or campfire.
Yikes! That's really scary! I'm glad that it wasn't your building, and that you're all OK. Did you hear later whether everyone got out of that other building OK?

(And what's the deal with having the stairs only accessible behind a door with an electric lock, or climbing over counters? o_O)
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September 2009

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