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Yes, so I'm still spending money like water, which is in conflict with my stated goal to get out of debt. Mostly, this week, it's been on things like parking and groceries and gas. Wonder if it'd be cheaper to feed a horse?

Wouldn't that be interesting? To go back to the days of horse and carriage in my lifetime? Would the lack of petroleum pollutants make up for the increased methane?

Looks like I'm getting a reprieve; they're not going to give me a terrible review - just a 'have the courage of your convictions' (loudly) message.

There are a lot of styles for bride's dresses. I will not be wearing the shepardess cum football player sleeves. My bridesmaids, on the other hand, ....

Just kidding.

Fell up the stairs last night while carrying three bags of groceries. My elbow still hurts.

Meanwhile, my cousin gets to meet Dennis Quaid tonight. Wish I did.


Horses are expensive... I've wanted one since I was little... but no dice *Laughs* you have to feed them and have stables for them... and clean out the stables. Yuck.

I have a big book of bridal dresses if you'd like to borrow it- it's about a year and a half old, but it's big enough to choke a horse and has about every bridal dress designer under the sun along with a couple of dresses in the style they produce and a general cost estimate, plus what size ranges they sell in. I think it might even have websites for some of them. I picked it up for the drool factor after I'd picked my first dress *Laughs*

I think you've told me... but I'm a spaz today- when is your date set for?
I know horses are expensive and the litter pans are really large and smelly. I've still wanted one. If I weren't travelling too often to make it responsible, I would consider leasing one.

I'd love to look at your book, drool and all.

My date is 1/14/05, which is a Friday.
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