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N in azaleas

My Life: An Update

Update - the storm that wasn't, the dying of the light, whinging, book reviews.

The Storm that Wasn't

Brandon went to check TKaneshi-san's home, moved breakable things inside, moved laptops away from windows, unplugged major appliances, etc. The next day, he moved things away from our windows, packed the cats, favorite photos, my silver and jewelry and his toiletries to take on the Mass Exodus. He then helped my bro prep my mom's house. I spent time worrying and bullying my project management office (of which I am a member) into making contingency plans for Rita. By the time she chose to be a Cat 5 storm, the Houstonians on the team chose to go home to help family. Ignoring the dire threats at Detroit, I boarded a plane and headed for Hou. B and I, our four cats, my brother and his dog, and his girlfriend and her cat all went to stay with my in-laws in North Houston. My mother-in-law can barely walk these days, so I figured we should stay with them. If they needed help, we could provide it. If the storm did not downgrade, we'd be in a better position to bully them to leave. Six adults, seven cats, and one dog did pretty well together for two nights and three days. Several conversations, cookouts, movies, showers, hands of fantan, random errand running, and hours of no power later, we had survived the storm.

I'm so glad we missed it. I have to say, I am glad people evacuated; I'm glad we were prepared; and I'm grateful we were spared. I just hope people are still willing to evacuate if needed if another storm blows up.

The Dying of the Light

The sun is taking another hour or so to rise in the morning and setting just a little bit sooner. Since I became aware my life is like Peresephone's, I have been over-conscious of the lumens. My sleeping is more irregular; I'm a little slower in the morning; my outlook is becoming darker. I'm still fighting that I have no control over my physiology. Guess I'm living in that African river.


I know I fight ADD and Depression. I know I have a hard time functioning while fighting both. I know I'm a compulsive comfort eater. I have developed this psycho-somatic "thing" where I gag when taking medication. I know it's psycho-somatic because I can gag when watching *someone else* take their medication. It's very frustrating. Any ideas? I'm trying the 'get over it' approach, without much success. Wonder if I should try hiding pills in peanut butter, as one does for pets..

I still do not have a job that allows me to stay home. As it is this characteristic, rather than career satisfaction, that currently motivates me, I am having trouble picking a type of job to pursue.

Book Reviews

Let's see, what have I been reading recently? Wen Spencer, who wrote Tinker , has a mind for light fantasy. A Brother's Price is her most recent publication. Because I grew up on Regency Romances (think Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and/or thwarted English teachers who are authors), I enjoy a comedy of manners. I am familiar with the challenges facing the Young Heroine -- how to best win in the Marriage Mart, whether through guile, will, or Refusal to Play. Wen's latest book reverses the gender roles in that schema, so Our Hero is facing the issues with the Marriage Mart. This gambit can fall flat on its face (cf. Dara Joy's last publication), but Wen builds an interesting enough societal structure that one isn't overcome with the stereotypes. I'll give it 3 stars.

I've just re-read To Say Nothing Of the Dog , which romps the reader through a delightful muddle. If you're up on your Dorothy Sayers, Georgette Heyer or Jane Austen, and English whimsy, you too may enjoy this playful work. Our hero Ned is a member of a historical society that uses time travel, Niven-like, to appeal to a Power that Is. Unfortunately, a colleague of his appears to have caused possible Ripples In Time by rescuing a cat. Poor Ned has to catch up with his colleague and set things right.

In Other News..
Congrats to those of you who have gone back to school and are discovering a passion for psychology. Or, if not a passion, a knack.

I'm so happy for all my Houston-area loved ones that you made it safe, if aggrieved, through this storm.

CiaraCat seems to have some leads on finding homes for Minnie and her kittens. To those of you considering them, I think you'll enjoy them!

At long last, Serenity opens this weekend. Guess I'll be going to see it!



Evacuation thoughts

"I just hope people are still willing to evacuate if needed if another storm blows up." I agree with you there, after having spent 16.5 hours on the way to Dallas with a wife, a baby, two cats, and a bunch of stuff crammed into my car.

My lesson from this evacuation -- the Interstate is for losers.

Glad to hear that everyone's well, and hope to see you soon.

-- R
N in azaleas

September 2009

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