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N in azaleas

NOLA Under Water

So, I'm grateful that my cousins, and their babies, and my great aunt are all safe and accounted for. Seeing their city on the news this morning, seeing that the levees are failing, I'm already worrying about what they'll have to go home to see. What they'll need. Whether I should be starting a mini-relief drive within the family.

It also got me thinking. What if I had to evacuate? What would I save? The cats. Old photos. Maybe my grandmother's art and the novel she never finished. When speaking with my husband, I said I might even save one of my favorite pillows. He said he'd be very cross if I did. We can buy pillows. We can replace the china. (He didn't interrupt when I said I might save my jewelry, though. Guess it's 'cos I'm such a magpie.)

What would you save? Why?


Pondering a packing list...

My immediate answers? I'd pack my dogs, Joe, and make certain my brother had a way out. I'd want to be certain that my friends had plans to leave.

As for possessions, I, too, would head first for my family photos. These days that means taking a removable hard drive with me as well as a box or more of pics. After that, my choices would be governed more by how long I thought the evacuation would last. Normally, I'd be looking to pack just clothes, an internet connection, and toiletries. I'm sure we'd throw some high priced doodads into the pile. Drury Inns and La Quintas all over the place take dogs so it would be a matter of "vacationing" for a few days.

In a case like the poor souls from New Orleans? I'd pack my camping gear and skew my packing to more mundane items: potable water containers, sunscreen, cotton clothing, important papers, and the like.

I had never considered the possibility of a city needing to be entirely evacuated for an extended period of time. It's probably unique to New Orleans, but the looting and disorganization are universal so I suppose it isn't entirely unthinkable. One thing I know for certain: I plan to get myself out rather than go to a "shelter" if I have the choice.

As for material goods, I can't think of any off the top of my head. Yeah, we have some expensive stuff but I'd be most interested in saving ways of communicating: cell phone and computer. I've been having an affair with my camera lately, so I might well add that to my pile.
The reason that I didn't comment on you saving jewelry is very simple. For you, jewelry has a significance that moves beyond its intrinsic value.

YOu look at a piece of your jewelry and don't think "Gosh, this is worth $$$$!" Instead, you think "Gosh, I got this that time my aunt and I went to the zoo and saw the cheetah!" (Or whatever).

For you, its about an irreplaceable memory and that is always worth saving.
N in azaleas

September 2009

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