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N in azaleas

It was nice to be home

My goodness, but the USA is pretty country. In the summer, even up on the southern shores of the Great Lakes, all is green, leafy, and lovely. The city I'm working in these days bears an unfortunate resemblance to East Berlin before 1989 or Franco's Spain. One cannot help but be sorry for its seemingly hard times.

I spent my time in Hou catching up. I had two friends over Friday night (hi, ciaracat!), because I decided outdoor activities in over 100 degree heat were not possible. Instead, we had breakfast for dinner - waffles, a few veg, cheese souffle - and watched Renaissance Man. I like the romanticism of that movie, particularly the recitation of "..and they will hold their manhoods cheap, that were not with us on this day...."

Saturday, Kate came into town. We met my parents for a little lunch, did a little shopping, moved an enormous armchair out of the storage facility and up three flights of stairs, bought a filling cabinet, and did grocery shopping. johnbrandon cooked delicious steaks; Kate made fabulous salad. I made drinks and a chocolate souffle.

It was my first experience making chocolate souffle and my second making any souffle. I have to say, KitchenAid is your friend. Ok, mine anyway.

Current reading rotation: Just finished snarfing Undead and Unappreciated, which was as foofy as one would like. Previously, I finished To Say Nothing of the Dog. I had forgotten the nod to Dunsany. I'm now rereading a Merry Gentry book.

And now, to bed, so as to be fresh at 4am, when I have to get up and go to the airport.


N in azaleas

September 2009

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