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N in azaleas

I wish the plants came with instructions..and other chit-chat.

This is a stream of consciousness post.

Plant woes: I'm lucky with the geraniums. They seem to manage with my drought-flood approach to plant care (being from Africa helps, I guess). The orchids are less clear. They were very happy in my ex-apartment, where the only windows were east-facing. Here, in the apartment with northern light, their leaves got all wrinkly and unhappy-looking. When my jade plant did that, Lisa resurrected it by taking it to my grandmother's and storing it on the piano (where it got about as much sunlight as your average sea horse). I'm guessing they're getting too much light, so I've moved them to the kitchen pass-through. I think they're happier there. It's a little hard to tell, as they have to fend off more feline attention in their new location. Finally watered the geraniums, the mother-in-law's tongue, the ivy, and the orchids tonight. The orchids got ice cubes (5 each); for the rest, I went through 16 cups of watcr trying to hydrate them.

Recent signs of a social life: Tkaneshi-san, as ciaracat calls her, came and picked me and johnbrandon up to take us to see la_directora and Bobbin for dinner. We had a great time! It's good to reconnect with loved friends. B and I picked up the living room and kitchen enough to be able to tell visitors "please disregard the mess" without too much embarassment, just in case. It's just as well, Tkaneshi-san did come in. She's now relieved us of an old blender, because we are now the proud owners of a kitchen aid blender. It makes superb diet dr pepper slushies.

Cat potty training: The cats are still not using litterboxes appropriately, which is frustrating. The difficulty is that cats quit using litterboxes for a variety of reasons: stress, illness, fear, dislike of the number of boxes, the box location, the amount of sand, the type of sand, the other cats' usage of the sand, the level of cleanliness, dislike of sounds. Determining what triggered one's cats' misbehavior is a big guessing game. It's compounded by the fact that you still have to retrain them after you've fixed the initial problem. We've added one box per cat, to correct the numbers.. We're trying to work up to more than one per cat, but it's taking us a while. We've tried to add more territory, to decrease stress. Cats like having vertical territory, it turns out, so we're trying adding a cat tree. We're also trying drugs (Feliway) to decrease stress. It's like having perpetual toddlers who won't be potty trained. I'm starting to think wistfully of cat diapers.

Job search: My job search is very slow. Should any of you employed people know of a) employment assistance - recruiters, headhunters, job search services; b) openings for a person with project management, training, instructional design, tech writing, communications, or change leadership skillsets; c) people who might be able to help with a or b, please let me know. I'm still hoping to find work in Houston. Until then, though, I'll go back on the road - consulting pays the rent.

Signs of exercise: Took my cousin swimming yesterday. Was unable to resist giving her pointers. You know, the 'your kick doesn't *have" to break the surface of the water' kind. She's a pretty good swimmer, though.While B and I were on vacation, we let the hiking fill in for exercise. We're supposed to go back to the trainer tomorrow. I'm dreading it - getting up early is hard. I keep reminding myself I'm happier when I'm in better shape.

New (to me) authors: I've recently discovered Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, and Wen Spencer. They're all pretty fun books. Jim and Kim write the 'weres and witches and vamps - oh my" kinds of books Laurell Hamilton made so popular. Charlaine Harris also writes similar, and her characterization is so strong, I swear I've met some of her characters in Louisiana. Wen's books are more self-contained. One technomagic book, one role-reversal with some interesting societal set-ups.

That's all for now.


You're looking for a job? What planet have I been on that I missed this?
Don't know. I took a two-month leave of absence from my current employer, to catch my breath and to spend time with my husband. Only joined a gym a few weeks ago, though, and started the job search. I'd like to be able to come home at night and sleep with my husband, instead of only seeing him on weekends.

It's slow going.
Did Tkaneshi-san tell you where that name came from? Hee hee.

I've had another thought about your cats and their litter box habits, which may make you cross. Need to remember to mention it next time I talk to you.

How was your trip?

Was going to ask you if exercise has to involve getting up early, but there's that trainer person and you've probably already gone through all the options as far as that goes, eh. :)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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