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N in azaleas

Boy those first few steps are always harder than they should be.

So, having used up half my leave resting, I'm just now starting with the "health improvement" steps. Today, B and I joined a gym; screech of dawn tomorrow, we go in for our fitness assessments. I'm trying not to think the whining thoughts in my head. I'm sure I'll enjoy the results in six months or so. :P

I'm reading a book about organizing for people with ADD. It keeps talking about one's having to accept that one has a disorder and that asking people for help completing what should be easy, normal tasks is a necessary step. Other people don't develop 16 different piles of mail they'll process some undefined "later". Yeah, what it doesn't talk about is how to get those "other people" to believe it's so ok for you to ask for help. That voice in my head that says I'm just being lazy isn't one that I made up all by myself.

That said, I think the book may be helpful. I've just started it, so I'll have to check in later with the suggestions and whether I implement them.


I know you have a lot of voices telling you that. Just want to pipe in and tell you, I don't think you're being lazy. I'm happy to help. And sometimes maybe even actually HELP help intead of helping distract. :D

(Oh, and as always, I'm happy to help beat the asses of any of those people who ARE giving you shit when you ask for help. Or, you know, at the very least, helping bitch about them at great length. ;))

Am interested in hearing about the suggestions you find that you like from that book.

And congrats on joining the gym! Which gym? How does it work?

You go girl!!

I think the wierdest part for me is when the trainer hauled out this caliper looking thing and started to measure my "skin folds" to find out what my body fat % is.

Does that wierd anyone else out?

Fat calipers... *shudders*

Thanks, nightmarish images from my walk/jog/run class at Rice are suddenly coming back to me.

And, ya know, one of these days, I might even catch up to where you are and start asking for help when *I* need it too. :)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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