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N in azaleas

Happy Independence Day! (Belated)

It's been another whirlwind weekend.

Saturday, lost the hubby to work, joined the bro' and 'rents for brunch at Kenny and Ziggy's. Lox platter. Mmmmmmmmm. Afterwards, we went by the Wine Cellar, where I bought a new (to me) Pinot Blanco. From the 'rents place, I called alanshb and begged a ride. ecleptic stayed home to make the world safe for laundry and Wow'ers.

alanshb and I went over to Kyle's where we joined games in progress. Kyle only lightly slapped my wrist for forgetting to bring Cranium. Played trivia with the other Kitties of the Apocalypse and Iron Dragon with paracoon and others, all of whom were forced to continually remind me of the rules, poor things. The crayons still ROCK. hwrnmnbsol kindly took over for me so I could take the hubby home around 10:30 or so.

Sunday, I would have slept in if _someone_ hadn't decided to make All the Noise in the World at the Screech of Dawn. I was charming and pleasant. I also sell beachfront property in Oklahoma. Also, I am Queen of England. Boy, was everyone glad I was up. We did go swimming with S and to brunch and to fetch a Cranium game (ours has gone missing) and to Kyle's. I played a few games, until my lack of sleep caught up with me and I needed to go home for an extended nap. The Pinot was drinkable. The peach chipotle salsa was better over cream cheese with a touch of raspberry preserves. I'm still saving the Muscadet. No, it's not very sweet.

In celebration of Independence Day, I still haven't watched Yankee Doodle Dandy. Instead, we slept late and then started the cleaning and unpacking. Still not done - this will never end. Note, however, I am thinking of the unpacking I'm not doing instead of the applying for new jobs that I'm not doing.. Sainted ciaracat came over and helped me run errands: fetching new litter boxes. Ana is so pleased with the one near the dryer that she sits by it and protects it from harm. I'm guessing none of the other cats will get to use Ana's Pristine Box. They may make do with other, used toilets. I did watch fireworks with Tracy, ciaracat, and johnbrandon, of course.

Fireworks in Houston from one's way too air-conditioned apartment - a good thing. Tracy even made mosquito noises so we could feel like we were at a picnic..Ended the evening with Undercover Blues and the 'singing in the rain' routine from Shanghai Nights. A good time was had by all.

Have recently re-read Stout, Heinlein, Heyer, Bujold, Lee & Miller. Am wondering what to tackle next. Maybe Jim Butcher - haven't read him yet. Recommendations from the peanut gallery?


It was fun! Sorry that I wasn't much help, except as a shedding aid for Cole. :D

I completely forgot about the red white and blue sodas! Damnit! LOL

Is it Lee and Miller that you were just telling me I should read? That's Bujold-ish? I should look that up.

If you're needing something to read, you could always delve into angsty 15 year old-ness. I mean, Harry Potter. Joking, mostly, I know you need more sources of angst about like I do. :D

I can say, with feeling, don't bother with Shadow Puppets.

Otherwise.. I kindof need to find something else to read too. :P Oh hey! I still have these Connie Willis books of yours that I haven't read yet!

I should sleep. But if I sleep, I have to get up, and if I get up, I have to go check in a fuckload of Christmas ornaments. :P Still.. brain shutting down. And getting cold. You're right, that's a sure sign, isn't it? :)

Love ya!!
Oh yeah... what's WOW?
WoW= World of Warcraft
Oh! *slaps self in forehead*
I haven't read any Butcher, but I think my friend arcaedia is his agent. People in that circle seem to like him and Anne Bishop.

There's also a Luna line of SF/F romances that I'm considering picking up. If you've read any Sharon Shinn, I think that's the kind of thing they're doing. Or Melanie Rawn, but without the generation book aspect.
Butcher isn't great art anything, but he has interesting ideas and a nice turn of phrase.

Also, he has 7 books in a readable series out. At this point in my life, thats nothing to sneezee at . .. .
I've really liked the things of hers that I've read, but they always leave me feeling depressed. :/
N in azaleas

September 2009

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