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Fred and Ginger

What's Old is New Again

Thanks to ashb, I am discovering the joys of people who deliver the groceries, as I remember the stories from my grandmama's childhood. Ok, so I used the internet instead of the phone.

The grocery fairy just came! We have staples again! I don't have to go to the store to buy bread, peanut
butter, and milk.

The nice grocery store went shopping for me, with my list, brought me my treasures, carried them up the
stairs for me, and brought them into the kitchen. They didn't charge me a delivery fee, but I did tip the

I've learned a few things. If you specify 1 in the "Tree-Ripe Nectarine $3.99/pound" box, you get 1
Nectarine, not 1 pound of nectarines. Next time, I'll shop when I'm more awake.

I may be paying more premium prices (the grocery store is Rice Epicurean), but I personally will probably
save money from not being able to impulse buy while at the store.

Well, now I have to go make myself a peanut butter sandwich, so I'll talk later.


Wow, you've got a delivery service I don't have. :) There is only one delivery service like that in New York, and they don't come to my neighborhood yet. I can go to the grocery store myself, pick out my items, and then have them delivered to my house after I leave. But I can't yet shop for groceries on the internet. Someday...
*psst* "alanshb" ;)

I love the grocery fairy. The grocery fairy should be visiting again on Friday to bring wonderful things like bread, asparagus, and lunch meat.

And the impulse purchases have gone down dramatically... although I miss having sherbert in the house :(
I suspect the fairy has sherbert too.


*is very jealous!*


Now if we could just find that damned unpacking faerie. We'd keep hir busy for awhile, you and I. ;)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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