September 13th, 2009

N in azaleas

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Saint T was over again about a half hour after SecondSon got enough attention to be fed. ST took over early morning feeds, so I went back to bed. Everyone had morning naps, and a lovely time was had by all.

By mid-morning, I was experimenting with breakfast beverages. Kona coffee is quite happy to be treated as coffee with chicory. I boiled water and then poured a few drops at a time over the coffee grounds. I also heated the milk and was very happy with the resultant cafe au lait.

Ripe peaches, orange juice, and a touch of pink prosecco make a lovely brunchy drink.

Putnam and Michelle brought over bagels and the Potato, who cheerfully sucked down her second breakfast from her car seat. We had a grand time with This Old House.

Later, there was another nap. Glorious! It was cut short when I discovered my friend's mother was coming over for her first visit. We had one of those quick panics where you attempt to make the house look as it should, rather than as it does.

Two of the aunts came over for visits, as well.  One of them even fed a child or two while I cooked dinner.

We've had a few hours of blessed quiet, and I'm contemplating a hot bath and bed. How perfect is that?