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So, I'm getting ready to move. Only, I'm not at ALL ready. I'm working out of town M-F this week and hopefully can take next Friday off.

I have to be out of my apartment on May 2.

I have lived in my current apartment 6 years.

Any recommendations for Houston moving and/or packing services?


The only pro packers/movers we've ever used have been Graebel, and we've only ever used them for cross-country moves. We were very satisfied with them, but they're probably bigger (and pricier) guns than you'd wanna bring out for an in-city move....


If you're willing to pack your own stuff, and want to save money, the apartment movers people are very cheap and still professional. You can find them on the web @ apartmentmovers.com

If you pack your own, you give up the nice insurance coverage that movers pack/unpack has, so consider leaving the very expensive china, jewelry out, and just having them move the big pieces and the boxes of general/replaceable stuff. When we moved, we over did this part and moved too much of our stuff. The stuff the movers took came over without a hitch, and was very quick. The stuff we moved on the other hand....

For pack by mover--Moving.com has a nice tool for getting quotes, although you may be too short of notice.


Apt. Movers and other sources of info

I used the Apartment Movers when I moved into my last apartment, but I don't recall who we used when Letitia and I moved into the house. You might want to check with her about that, though I think she may have gotten a recommendation from one of her mailing lists.

Of course, I'd also suggest asking this question on mailing lists, because I'm sure we know people who would have recommendations.

-- R
N in azaleas

September 2009

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