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N in azaleas

Live Music Memage

Taken from la_directora, who took it from follybard:

* Reply to this message telling me which of these 20 artists you have also seen.
* Take the ones from my list that you have seen, and post them in your own LJ.
* Add more until you have 20.

Six Mile Bridge (even in the middle of nowhere in Brooklyn, when Wolf's wife asked me to do so and reminded me we'd been in high school together..I think they were still Six Mile Bridge, then)
Lager Rhythms (saw them at the RMC at Rice at least once)
Pink Floyd (Venice was afraid the fans would put the city under water)
----follybard's above, la_directora's here:
Trout Fishing in America (countless times, started in 1989 or '90, when they were still playing Kat's sister's club in Waco)
Moody Blues
Duran Duran (a few times, even at the Rodeo, which was an odd place to find them. Like watching a cat walking in snow..)
mine below:
Dixie Chicks (when they opened for TFIA, they were still wearing square dancing costumes)
Jethro Tull
Steve Earle
Gordion Knot
Trish and Darren
Marcia Ball
Alan Jackson
Paul Simon
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Paul McCartney
Austin Lounge Lizards
Asylum Street Spankers

Who, me? A folk music nut? Say it ain't so!

Fun memories, and there are more...


If Wolf was with them, they were SixMileBridge. He was never with them as anything else.

And the Dixie Chicks OPENING for TFIA? I'm trying to wrap my head around that, and just can't. Wow. Now if only TFIA would get as famous and popular as they did.
Damn. I need some kind of musical icon. :P

Let's see...

I've seen these with you, I know:
Six Mile Bridge
Trout Fishing in America
Dixie Chicks (at that same show!)
Jethro Tull (did I see them with you?)
Gordion Knot
Paul Simon

And then I've also seen:
Pink Floyd

May have seen some of those others, but maybe am not linking the names with the music at the moment?
N in azaleas

September 2009

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