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N in azaleas

I don't care for moving..

..even when I'm not moving my own things. I come from a long line of ADD packrats. It's traumatic to pack, because one thinks one should be sorting or throwing away things. It's hard to throw away things, because you might Need Them. One day. Yeah, those notes from that one Art History course you took in college will be Real Useful ten years later. It's not like you'd just go back to the library and look that stuff up.

Moving always reminds me of parts of my life I've been unhappy with. I remember the friends and family members that I've helped move and pack and their stories. Not all those stories had happy endings. Moving reminds me of having to start over and of worrying about a lack of discipline. (If you'd picked up your place on a regular basis, would you be having this problem now?)

I think this may be part of my block when I consider moving now. Brandon and I really don't entirely fit into a one bedroom apartment with less than 980 square feet. We could rent another apartment or house or condo or something. We could explore buying. No matter what solution is best for us, we'll still have to face moving.

Ok, be fair. It's not the moving. It's the packing. You know, at this point, clients in other cities have helped me pack up corporate apartments. (Packrats have large satellite locations and must spend big bucks to bring home the prizes kept in other cities). I'm still friends with these people. People in Houston have all helped me pack, even when it involved throwing everything I owned into random, ill-labelled boxes. (No sense in being a PIA if you need to pack and can't get through it alone.) Hate to draw on that friends account yet another time. Guess I'd better start saving for packing service..



I confess to ignorance.

WHat does PIA mean?


On throwing things away

Some of the problems with trying to throw things away while packing:

  • It takes extra time -- you have to look at everything to decide what to do with it, instead of putting it in a poorly-labeled box.
  • It's distracting -- you find some buried treasure and play with it for a while, or you just have to go find the rest of the set Right Now, etc.
  • It makes an even bigger mess -- now you have boxes of stuff to keep and bags of stuff to throw out strewn across your living space.
  • It's hard to agree on what should go -- okay, so this applies when there's more than one person involved, but that's your case, and it will be ours.

Letitia and I seem to agree that we should get rid of a bunch of our excess stuff when we pack, but as long as it's not happening Real Soon Now, it's easy to talk about -- when we actually start going through things, I'm sure it will be a whole different world.

-- R

That's what we're here for, my friend! And it's not like you never help US out. Says one such person that you've helped. And I hear that you've helped lots of other people too. :D

Don't worry! :)


(What *does* PIA mean?)
N in azaleas

September 2009

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